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Personal injury

Have you been injured as the result a careless driver, malfunctioning product or the negligence of another? You may be entitled to compensation, and the Law Firm of Cartron and Jacobs, LLC is here to help you.


Our firm's personal injury litigator, Clem Cartron, has successfully represented and won on behalf of several clients. Some of Mr. Cartron's suits have resulted in multi-million dollar settlements.

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Frequently asked personal injury questions

How long do I have to file suit if I am injured in a car wreck?

The statute of limitations in Alabama for damages for personal injury and property damage resulting from an automobile accident is two years from the date of the accident.


If I am injured at a store while shopping, can I sue the store?

Possibly. Personal injury and damages resulting from premises liability requires a showing of not only that you were injured at the store, but also that the store either created the hazardous situation, or knew that there was a hazard and did nothing to avoid injury to the public.


What is negligence?

The law expects that we all act with "reasonable care". If a person fails to act with reasonable care in a given situation, that can be described as negligence. To recover in most personal injury cases, it would be necessary to show that someone acted in a negligent manner, and as a result you suffered some personal injury or damage.

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  • Auto accidents

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  • Medical malpractice

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  • Airline crashes

Work and construction site accidents

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