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Our proven knowledge of tax and governmental regulations benefits businesses, new and old, from the inside out. Our firm is seasoned in multiple fields of business law including:

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I want to set up a business. What types of business entities can be set up?

There are several types of business entities that can be established when starting up a new enterprise. These include corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and joint ventures. The type of business entity that is appropriate for your needs is very case specific.


Certain types of business entities can provide a limitation of personal liability as to the debts and obligations of the owners, where others do not.


Tax implications are different among the various forms of entities as well. Legal advice should always be sought when contemplating the start of a new business venture as the type of entity that is best suited.

  • Corporations (C-corporations and subchapter S-corporations)

  • Professional corporations

  • Limited liability companies

  • Partnerships (general and limited partnerships, joint ventures)

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